• PICTURE FRAME: Horváth & Lukács unique frame
    • ARTIST: Ruttkay Sándor (Budapest 1951- )
    • YEAR: 2000
    • TITLE: Pink
    • TECHNIQUE: Mixed-media
    • DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 40 cm x 30 cm
    • DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE:  50 cm x 40 cm
    • TYPE: single piece
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Original artwork by painter Sándor Ruttkay. Soft colors and alluring lines characterize Ruttkay’s art. In his paintings, human relationships play a central role. People, figures, nudes, emotions, and poetry are frequent appearances and thoughts by which his pictures communicate to the outside world. The technique shown here is ink drawing. In his artworks soft but well-thought-out and artistically composed colors blend into each other.

In addition to the lines, we have to speak about the colors, which are used thrifty, but just by using it in the right place, he achieves that the drawings are believed to be paintings. Sometimes it is just about choosing the paper and the color of the lines, other times the colors that surround the drawing, the buzzing or the embrace of the drawing, which highlights, underscores, and makes the work unique and unmistakable. The luminous, often neon-like, effects of these colors also reveal a lot about the artwork.

The Horváth & Lukács Gallery is committed to providing special, high-quality picture frames for the artworks presented in the Horváth & Lukács online store. The gallery strives for perfect harmony between the picture frame and the work of art. Thus, the picture frame of this product follows the special color scheme of the picture and creates a real harmonic unity.

We confirm the authenticity with a Horváth & Lukács certificate and attach it to your order.