En Route

    • PICTURE FRAME: Modern Luxury Handwork in silver and blue
    • ARTIST: János Aknay (Nyíregyháza 1949- )
    • YEAR: 1998
    • TITLE: En Route
    • TECHNIQUE: Acrylic on canvas
    • DIMENSIONS INSIDE:  30 cm x 40 cm
    • DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE:  42 cm x 52 cm
    • TYPE: single piece
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János Aknay is one of the most important figures on the Hungarian contemporary art scene. Aknay lives and works in Szentendre. Munkácsy and Kossuth Prize winner. He was a founding member of Vajda Lajos Stúdió in 1972 and has been a determining personality in it since then. He was admitted to the Stúdió of Young Artists in 1976, to the Arts Fund in 1977 and to the Association of Hungarian Artists in 1983. In the summer months from 1985 to 1993 he worked as a teacher of drawing then painting for the Szőnyi István Free School of Arts in Zebegény. In 1994 he was among the founding members of Patak group and from the same year – together with István ef Zámbó and Ottó Vincze – he regularly visited Group “Mythen” in Germany. He has participated in all the important arts events in Szentendre or its surroundings. His art is an integral part of the Constructive or Surrealist-Constructive range of Szentendre, which includes the names of Lajos Vajda, Dezső Korniss, Endre Bálint, Jenő Barcsay, Deim Pál. His recurring motifs like the house, the window, the angel, the dummy, the cross are drawn on the elements of Szentendre architecture and on the progressive artistic traditions of the town. After several important periods he reached his own distinctive style, the emblematically constructive, then surrealistically iconic and finally expressively subjective use of the so-called old Hungarian or Székely (Transylvanian) runes.  The works of Aknay are also often characterized as iconic or icon-like.

The Horváth & Lukács Gallery is committed to providing special, high-quality picture frames for the artworks presented in the Horváth & Lukács online store . The gallery strives for perfect harmony between the picture frame and the work of art. Thus, the picture frame of this product follows the special color scheme of the picture and creates a real harmonic unity.

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