Act with wineglas

    • PICTURE FRAME: Modern Design,  Italian Manufacturer, Silver, with normal Glas
    • ARTIST: Péter Baky (Budapest 1950- )
    • YEAR: 2017
    • TITLE: Act with wine glas
    • TECHNIQUE: drawing, on paper
    • DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 21,5 x 30 cm
    • DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 27,5 cm x 36,5 cm
    • TYPE: single piece
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Baky Péter Munkácsy Mihály – Award-Winning Painter

My life:

“I received my diploma in 1977 and graduated from the department of Painting of the Magyar Képzőművészeti Főiskola (Hungarian University of Fine Arts). Between 1980-86 I worked mainly as an applied graphic designer. Between 1986-92 I thought at the Illyés Gyula Tanítóképző Főiskola  ( Illyés Gyula Teacher Training University) in Szekszárd. From 1993 until my retirement in 2012, I was the director of Művészetek Háza (House of Arts) in Szekstárd, while in 1996 and 2011 I was the artistic director of the Ferencváros Pincegaléria (Cellar Gallery). Since 1980 he has been exhibiting as a professional artist and is a regular participant in the domestic (Hungarian) and international collective exhibitions.

I am the father of three children – two daughters, Petra and Réka, and a son, Marcell. I have 3 grandchildren from my daughter Petra, Markó, Berta and Brúnó, and from my son Marcell one, Kornél.”

Public activities:

He is a member of the Association of Hungarian Creative Artists (since 1992 he has been a member of the High Election (Grand Board) and Presidency), the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists, The Society of Hungarian Painters, Kapos’Art, the Veszprém Artists’ Guild, and a non-academic member of the public body of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

From 2015-2021, he was a member of the NKA’s Board (Board of Trustees) of Fine Arts.

Between 1986 and 2015 I had a number of private students, who I continue to lead, I also lead the Artist’s Colonies[1](de:Künstlerkolonie) and organize individual and collective exhibitions both domestically (in Hungary) and abroad, as a curator.

[1] An artist’s colony is a living and working community of artists, which is mainly practiced by painters

Awards, Honors:

  • 2000 Pro Urbe Award, Szekszárd
  • 2001 Mileneum Gold Medal
  • 2002 Babits Mihály Award
  • 2003 County of Tolna Art Award
  • 2004 “Holocaust 60 Medal”, Szekszárd
  • 2008 Simsay Ildikó Award
  • 2009 County of Tolna Príma Award
  • 2014 Knight’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit
  • 2015 “Harmony” MAOE (Magyar Alkotóművészek Országos Egyesülete) Professional Award
  • 2016 VI. Ars Pannonica International Art Exhibition, Vienna, Budapest, Quality Award
  • 2017 VI. Water and Life International Fine Arts Biennale, Baja, special price
  • 2019 In memoriam P. Clee competition third price and “Inspiration” MAOE professional recognition, Szetendre
  • 2020 Munkácsy Mihály Award

The Horváth & Lukács Gallery is dedicated to providing its products with special, above-average high quality picture frames. The gallery strives for perfect harmony between the picture frame and artwork. Thus, the picture frame of Ruttkay ’s painting also follows the soft color scheme applied in the picture and created a real unity by a double picture frame combination (unique blue / purple Horváth & Lukács outer frame, with a hand silver-plated inner frame). We confirm the authenticity and originality with a Horváth & Lukács certificate and attach this to your order.