• PICTURE FRAME: Horváth & Lukács single piece
    • ARTIST: Miklós Németh (Budapest HU 1934-2012)
    • YEAR: 1994
    • TITLE: “Ciciritmus”
    • TECHNIQUE:  Oil on canvas
    • DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 355 cm x 125 cm
    • DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 365 cm x 135 cm
    • TYPE: single piece
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“The painter of the Vulcan”.

Miklos Nemeth, born in Budapest in 1934, is one of the most important and most recognized painters in Hungary. Early surrounded by well-known painters (István Szönyi, Oszkár Glatz, János Kmetty and Tóth Menyhért), Németh’s own style of treating the color and technique of his painting was soon developed. The subjective, violent choice of colors as well as his impulsive way of painting, producing series of developing pictures instead of painting studies and subsequent corrections, is characteristic of his passionate, dynamic use of the brush. Rejecting socialist realism, Németh oriented himself towards Western styles. For his work he chose an unmistakable representation of the subjects he preferred, such as nature, (urban) landscapes in which people are almost always to be found, the working person, the female body, and portraits.

He found his motifs in the garden of his villa on the Buda side with flowers and fruit trees and the view of the mountains from there. He particularly enjoyed being outdoors in nature with his easel, painting bridges, mountains and the Danube. As an artist who was guided by inner values from the very beginning of his artistic career and inspired by the colors of the cooling lava, Miklós Németh sees himself as the “painter of the volcano”. Between 1950 and 1954 he studied at the free art school of Ödön Márffy (1878-1959), which followed the principles of the Paris Académie Julian, where Marffy also studied.
From 1957 to 1980 he worked in various artist colonies in Hungary. Németh took part in international exhibitions such as in Moscow in 1971, in Dresden in 1973 and in Brno in 1975. He had been a registered artist since 1981 and was elected a member of the Association of Hungarian Artists in 1992. Németh’s most important solo exhibitions were in the Kunsthalle Budapest in 1981 and in the Ernst Museum in 2000.

The Horváth & Lukács Gallery is committed to providing special, high-quality picture frames for the artworks presented in the Horváth & Lukács online store . The gallery strives for perfect harmony between the picture frame and the work of art. Thus, the picture frame of this product follows the special color scheme of the picture and creates a real harmonic unity.

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